The Glenview Project

Mitigations Update

The October 6th community meeting was devoted to updating community members on various measures taken by OUSD and the JV team over the past month to address community concerns. The following is a summary:


Noise Mitigation. Over the past month, OUSD and the contractors have worked to implement a number of promised mitigations to reduce noise impacts on neighbors: 

  • The noise barrier between the school yard and Wellington and Hampel side neighbors is complete. The barrier on La Cresta will be erected this month.
  • Ear protectors have been distributed to neighbors adjacent to the school yard.
  • Hours of demolition and other extreme noise-generating activities have been limited to start at 8:00 am,however, trucks may begin loading recyclables as early as 7am. 
  • Phone alerts regarding expected noisy work have begun (email to sign up). 
  • Noise monitoring is being conducted by an independent firm. Reports will be made available at the the Glenview Project website. The first two reports, which show that the project is largely in compliance with City of Oakland noise standards, can be found here and here

Off-site office space. OUSD has identified space at the Lakeview Elementary campus (746 Grand Avenue) that can be made available to nearby neighbors who work from home and have requested quiet workspace. The space is currently being outfitted with four cubicles and is expected to be ready by November 1st. Wifi and parking are available. Because the site is also home to an active school, neighbors who wish to use the space will be asked to complete a Livescan security screen. If you are interested in using this co-working space, please complete this survey so that OUSD can gauge interest and facilitate the security clearance process. 

Air Quality MonitoringIn response to neighbor concerns, OUSD has hired an independent firm to conduct air quality monitoring, ACC Environmental, throughout the demolition and site preparation phases. The first week of testing included the first day of hard demolition. With the use of this data, ACC provided suggestions for process improvement, resulting in a significant reduction in particulate measurements over the following days. To review the first report, click here. ACC Environmental will be working with the contractor in real time and will provide monthly summary reports that will be posted to the Glenview Project website. Several neighbors stated that they are suffering ill-effects as a result of the construction activities; and that their homes (inside and out) are collecting excessive amounts of grit and dust. OUSD will deploy additional monitors closer to neighboring homes to gather additional data about levels of dust leaving the site.

Vibration Monitoring. Neighbors have expressed concern about unexpected shaking in their homes. Several neighbors stated that they have experienced severe house-shaking episodes and are concerned about the effects of the ongoing vibrations on their homes, which are approximately 100 years old. In response, OUSD has hired an independent consultant to monitor vibrations coming from the site. In addition, OUSD is offering to do additional site surveys to document existing conditions within homes, photographing areas where cracks may occur in plaster, such as door and window frames, for instance. If you are interested in this additional documentation, please email

Neighbors also requested comprehensive, professional analyses of their foundations as well, rather than visual inspections. OUSD will speak to the vibration consultant to understand likely impacts of the shaking and best practices in vibration monitoring and inspections. OUSD will also review the geotechnical report that was produced prior to construction to assist the vibration consultant in assessing risk.


Additional noise mitigation measures to be adopted

In response to concerns from neighbors about noise generated by the Glenview Elementary Construction Project, OUSD is committing to adopting additional noise mitigation measures. These measures are based on standard conditions of approval, which would be required by the City of Oakland for a private project of similar size and location. These measures are based upon recommendations from Wilson Ihrig, acoustics, noise, and vibration specialists.

Immediate actions taken by the District and the JV Team (project contractors) include installing a noise barrier on the upper school yard behind neighboring homes on Hampel and Wellington. In addition, the contractors will refrain from activities that exceed the City’s long-term construction noise threshold  (such as operating pneumatic tools) before 8:00 am and after 4:00 pm.

To read a more complete list of the measures to be adopted, download the noise FAQ distributed at the September 1 community meeting.


Update on traffic and other preparations at Edna Brewer

As many neighbors know, this fall Glenview students will be traveling by school bus from to their interim home at OUSD’s Santa Fe Elementary campus in North Oakland. OUSD staff has been working in collaboration with the City of Oakland to ensure that the Glenview neighborhood bus stop – located at Edna Brewer Middle School – is ready for the additional students and traffic when school starts.

Following meetings with the Edna Brewer and Glenview communities in May, District staff, transportation engineers, and City staff have been finalizing plans for a road diet and other improvements on Beaumont Avenue (between Park Boulevard and Excelsior Boulevard) and around the Edna Brewer campus. Among the improvements community members can expect to see implemented before August 22nd. UPDATE: The work will be staged to minimize disruption to traffic on Beaumont. The upgrades are not expected to be completed by September 4th. OUSD has worked to developed an interim boarding plan for students that will ensure safety.


Project Quick Facts

Current Status: Abatement of Hazardous Materials and Demolition

Project Schedule

2014 - 2016 Design, Approval, and Contractor Bidding

2016 - 2018 Construction

2018 Move into New Facility

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HKIT Architects


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