The Glenview Project

Increment 3 Contract Approved

The agreement for the final phase of the project has been approved! as part of the general consent agenda for this week’s School Board meeting. The agreement includes a detailed anticipated timeline for completing the project so that students and staff can return immediately following winter break of 2019.

There is a great deal of start up work that is under way now that the agreement is approved. Currently the JV team (lead contractors) are working on:

  • Finalizing subcontractor list and contracts
  • Issuing insurance and bonds
  • Setting up document control software
  • Enrolling subcontractors in the CCIP (contractor controlled insurance program)
  • Reviewing and approving submittals for concrete, rebar, work plans, etc.
  • Sending out letters of intent and subcontracts

Let’s take a moment to celebrate this milestone. Thank you to everyone who has advocated on behalf of Glenview’s students.


Project Schedule Update and Upcoming Community Meetings

OUSD’s Division of Facilities Planning & Management has provided an update on the completion of Glenview’s new school. The OUSD team has been working hard to complete negotiations of the cost and project schedule for the final increment with the project’s general contractors (the JV team). The agreed upon construction completion deadline is December 2019 with a winter break move in, pending Board approval. Approval of this agreement will be on the agenda for the October 25 meeting of the Board of Education. Following Board approval, the next phase of work on the building is expected to start in early November.

For more details, please read this letter and FAQ from Deputy Chief of Facilities Planning and Management Joe Dominguez.

We know that many Glenview community members will have questions. Please join us for one of two upcoming meetings:

For Glenview neighbors:
Tuesday, September 26, 6:30
Edna Brewer Middle School
For Glenview families:
Thursday, September 28, 6:30
Edna Brewer Middle School

Please note: because neighbors and parents are likely to have different questions and areas of concern, we have scheduled two meetings to speak to these specific concerns, however, everyone is welcome at either meeting. Facilities leadership and members of the negotiating team will be present to answer your questions directly.


Fact Sheet on Wellington-side Fences

Many Wellington-side neighbors of Glenview’s upper yard have met with a representative of OUSD’s facilities department to discuss the status and plans for the fence between neighbors and the Glenview Elementary campus. A fact sheet outlining the concerns and planned response is now availableThe project architects will be attending the next community meeting (6:30, July 13th at Edna Brewer) to share detailed designs and answer any remaining questions. Please plan to attend! If you are a Wellington-side neighbor of the Glenview upper yard and have not yet scheduled a meeting and would like to do so, please contact Edy Crawford by email or phone (510-535-2731). 

Project Schedule

2014 – 2016 Design, Approval, and Contractor Bidding

2016 – 2019 Construction

Estimated End of 2019 Move into New Facility

Four-week look ahead schedule

Project Architect

HKIT Architects


ADCo/Turner Group/Alten Construction Joint Venture

Funding Source

Measure J Bond Funds