The Glenview Project

Upcoming Events

Monthly Meeting for Glenview Neighbors
Thursday, October 6
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Edna Brewer Middle School

EB Playhouse (downstairs)
3748 13th Avenue

Upcoming Monthly Meetings:
Thursday, November 3
Thursday, December 1
Edna Brewer Middle School
EB Playhouse (downstairs)
3748 13th Avenue
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Additional noise mitigation measures to be adopted

In response to concerns from neighbors about noise generated by the Glenview Elementary Construction Project, OUSD is committing to adopting additional noise mitigation measures. These measures are based on standard conditions of approval, which would be required by the City of Oakland for a private project of similar size and location. These measures are based upon recommendations from Wilson Ihrig, acoustics, noise, and vibration specialists.

Immediate actions taken by the District and the JV Team (project contractors) include installing a noise barrier on the upper school yard behind neighboring homes on Hampel and Wellington. In addition, the contractors will refrain from activities that exceed the City’s long-term construction noise threshold  (such as operating pneumatic tools) before 8:00 am and after 4:00 pm.

To read a more complete list of the measures to be adopted, download the noise FAQ distributed at the September 1 community meeting.


Update on traffic and other preparations at Edna Brewer

As many neighbors know, this fall Glenview students will be traveling by school bus from to their interim home at OUSD’s Santa Fe Elementary campus in North Oakland. OUSD staff has been working in collaboration with the City of Oakland to ensure that the Glenview neighborhood bus stop – located at Edna Brewer Middle School – is ready for the additional students and traffic when school starts.

Following meetings with the Edna Brewer and Glenview communities in May, District staff, transportation engineers, and City staff have been finalizing plans for a road diet and other improvements on Beaumont Avenue (between Park Boulevard and Excelsior Boulevard) and around the Edna Brewer campus. Among the improvements community members can expect to see implemented before August 22nd. UPDATE: The work will be staged to minimize disruption to traffic on Beaumont. The upgrades are not expected to be completed by September 4th. OUSD has worked to developed an interim boarding plan for students that will ensure safety.


Construction Impacts Fact Sheet (DRAFT) Available

On Thursday, April 28th, Glenview neighbors and community members came together with OUSD staff and members of the joint-venture (JV) team that is expected to construct Glenview’s new facility to discuss the impacts of construction on those who live nearby. The group reviewed a detailed fact sheet, which outlined neighbor concerns as well as commitments from OUSD and the JV team.

If you were not able to attend the meeting, this DRAFT fact sheet is a good reference point for construction-related concerns, including: (more…)

Project Quick Facts

Current Status: Abatement of Hazardous Materials and Demolition

Project Schedule

2014 - 2016 Design, Approval, and Contractor Bidding

2016 - 2018 Construction

2018 Move into New Facility

Project Architect

HKIT Architects


ADCo/Turner Group/Alten Construction Joint Venture

Funding Source

Measure J Bond funds