The Glenview Project

Upcoming Events

Monthly Meeting for Glenview Neighbors
Thursday, January 12
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Edna Brewer Middle School
EB Playhouse (downstairs)
3748 13th Avenue

Project committee seeking additional members

The OUSD Board Policy 7155 requires that a Project Committee be formed to engage the community in all major construction projects. The committee consists of both school and neighborhood stakeholders, and is charged with ensuring that the community is informed and that community priorities are taken into account during the design and construction of the project. The current committee of staff, neighbors and parents is seeking additional members, to replace members who have moved on. The committee meets approximately quarterly.

Click here to download an application form or email with questions. Applications are due December 12th. 

Complete Project Schedule Update Available

Following several community meetings, OUSD has updated the overall project schedule. This new and complete schedule has taken into account the project delays discussed at the meetings as well as the various increments of the project. At the request of the community, OUSD has shared a timeline that the team believes to be conservative and also realistic. In this conservative timeline, the project is expected to be ready for students in time for the 2019-2020 school year. As always, things can and may happen to affect the timeline in unexpected ways. The District will continue to update this schedule as project components are completed. A pdf of the complete schedule is available for download here. 



Community meeting recap and project schedule update

At the monthly community meeting on November 3rd, Joe Dominguez, OUSD’s Deputy Chief of Facilities Planning and Management, spoke at length about some of the problems that caused the current project delay, he apologized for the role the District played in creating some of the delay, and shared steps the District is taking to keep the project moving quickly going forward.

Mr. Dominguez also made a commitment to full transparency moving forward. In that spirit, he shared an updated timeline, based on a more complete analysis conducted by the project contractor this week. Depending on when plans are approved by the Department of the State Architect (the agency responsible for reviewing all new school construction in the state), the current estimated project completion dates fall between mid-January and mid-March of 2019.

The project team will be working to prepare a detailed schedule for completion of the project so that parents and community members can have a better sense of what is to come. In partnership with Glenview parents, OUSD will also explore ways that community members can support the project and help ensure it continues to move forward as quickly as possible.

Project Quick Facts

Current Status: Site Preparation and Retaining Wall Construction

Project Schedule

2014 - 2016 Design, Approval, and Contractor Bidding

2016 - 2018 Construction

Estimated 2019 Move into New Facility

Project Architect

HKIT Architects


ADCo/Turner Group/Alten Construction Joint Venture

Funding Source

Measure J Bond Funds