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Geological Exploration and Arborist reports available for download


Many community members have asked about the plans for existing trees on Glenview Elementary’s campus. OUSD has committed to retaining as many of the healthy existing trees as possible in the new designs for Glenview’s campus. As a first step, OUSD has commissioned an arborist to review the health of all trees on the campus, as well as trees that closely border the service drive at the Northern edge of the existing building. If you are interested in learning more about the health of the trees, you may download the report here.

In addition, at the recent community update meeting, many neighbors asked about whether contaminants existed in the soil on campus. This concern arose because the soil may be disturbed during construction and, if clean, could possibly be used as fill on the site. A geological survey conducted in January 2015 found that:

“According to the results from the hazardous materials testing that was performed, the concentrations of the testing were below respective screening levels assuming a residential scenario, or within typical background concentrations.

Based on the results of the analytical testing, the material may be used as unrestricted engineered fill or may be disposed of at a non-hazardous landfill facility. If the material is to be removed from the Property for reuse or disposal, recipients of the material should be provided with these results for their review.” (see 4.6 on pages 9-10)

For more information, you may download the full report here (Note: the file is large).