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Upcoming work on the Glenview Campus

During OUSD’s upcoming Spring break, from April 6th to 10th, a few construction-related activities will be carried out on the Glenview campus.
Fire Alarm Control Unit Replacement
The Fire Alarm Control Unit (FACU) replacement has been recommended to occur prior to Glenview’s reconstruction to ensure system integrity through the 2015-2016 school year. The recommended scope of work includes:
  • Replacing the existing fire alarm control unit, which has had a history of troubles, with a new fire alarm control unit retrofit kit
  • Programming the new FACU to accommodate existing field devices
  • Performing pre-testing of the new FACU after the panel is powered up and programmed for operation
  • Final testing of 100% of the fire alarm system devices.

Please note that there will be limited audible noise during the field device testing. Please DO NOT contact Oakland Fire Department if the alarm sounds during the day over Spring Break (April 6-10).

Porch and Portico Structural Exploration and Testing
Because the existing porch and portico at Glenview will be retained as part of the new facility, OUSD is preparing an Evaluation & Design Criteria Report for the Porch/Portico at Glenview for the Division of the State Architect (DSA). This is written to obtain DSA approval of the criteria and technical approach before proceeding with the final design. The Portico will be considered a “new” stand-alone structure (separated from the new building by a seismic joint). In addition, the porch’s seismic and structural resistance are substantially changing with the removal of the existing building. The report needs to be submitted to DSA with the geotechnical report and the 1926 and 1937 drawings together.
Why is this needed? The foundation the porch sits on pre-dates the Field Act. The Field Act created the Division of the State Architect. Hence to DSA the porch design has to be determined and verified. The Porch (above the foundation) was built in 1937, post-Field Act, however, no information is available in the drawings on the concrete or steel used.  This has to be verified. Following is a summary of the work items that have been identified and to be included in the Scope of work for the exploration and testing.
Investigation of 1926 Footings
  • Footing Size
  • Concrete Strength
  • Reinforcement Placement
  • Strength of Reinforcing Steel
  • Edge of Footing Location
Investigation of 1937 Superstructure
  • Concrete Strength
  • Strength of Reinforcing Steel