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Have Questions about Glenview’s Interim Housing during Construction?


New FAQs have been developed to answer the most commonly-asked questions from current and prospective Glenview Elementary families. The FAQ includes information about the Santa Fe Elementary school site, current plans for student transportation, and after-school (and before school!) care options.

Glenview families – If you would like to visit Santa Fe, please join us for an open house on Saturday, December 12th from 10:00 to noon. 

For more information, plan to attend the PTA general meeting on January 20th (community dinner from 6:00 – 7:00pm; meeting from 7:00 – 8:00pm), which will be devoted to discussing interim housing and transportation. Please RSVP on Big Tent!

Don’t see your question here? Email additional questions to

Scroll down to read the FAQs, or click here to download a pdf.


Glenview Elementary Interim Housing


While Glenview Elementary’s campus is closed for construction – from June 2016 through August 2018 – Glenview will be relocated to Oakland Unified’s Santa Fe Campus. This FAQ is intended to answer the most commonly asked questions.


About Santa Fe

Where is Santa Fe located and what is it like?

Santa Fe is located at 915 54th Street in North Oakland near Children’s Hospital. The school has been closed for 5 years and has been used as a temporary facility by other schools (such as Emery High School) while their campuses have undergone construction. The Santa Fe campus is spacious, full of light, has a great play structure, outdoor running track, and grass. The school is located close to a freeway exit and has ample neighborhood parking.

Can I visit the Santa Fe campus?

Yes. An open house has been scheduled for December 12th from 10:00 am to Noon. This will be an open house to view the facilities and grounds; there will not be a formal tour and it is not necessary to RSVP. Children are welcome. (Santa Fe is located at 915 54th Street, Oakland, CA 94608)

I heard Emery High is using Santa Fe until June. Will the campus be ready for our students?

Yes. Emery Unified understands the importance of ensuring Santa Fe is ready to receive Glenview students and staff for the 2016-17 school year. Fortunately, the Santa Fe campus requires very few modifications to make it ready for Glenview. Emery Unified has agreed to allow OUSD staff on campus to begin site preparations before June 2016, if needed. In addition, there are financial penalties for Emery Unified if they do not vacate by the agreed upon date of June 1, 2016.

Will students from the Santa Fe neighborhood be able to enroll in Glenview at Santa Fe?

Yes. Students from the Santa Fe neighborhood are welcome to enroll through OUSD’s options process. From the enrollment policy:

Enrollment Priorities – Glenview Elementary School at Santa Fe – Schools Years 2016-2018

First Enrollment priority shall be to currently enrolled Glenview Elementary Students and Siblings; Second Enrollment priority shall be to new Glenview Elementary Attendance Area Students; Third Enrollment Priority shall be given to Santa Fe Elementary Attendance Area Students; and Fourth Enrollment Priority shall be determined by the annual Open Enrollment Lottery.

Enrollment decisions are made by the Oakland Unified School District Enrollment Department. For all enrollment questions, please contact OUSD by calling them at 510-273-1600 or visiting their website at



Will transportation be provided between Glenview and Santa Fe?

OUSD and the Interim Housing Committee are looking at transportation options, including busing and carpools. While the District is considering providing busing to and from Santa Fe, no formal agreement has been made. The District expects to release an RFP (request for proposals) for student transportation this month, with a goal of having an agreement in place in March of 2016.

Are there details about exactly where and when the bus will leave and return?

If busing is offered, TK-5th grade students will ride the bus together from the Glenview neighborhood. OUSD is working to identify several suitable bus stop locations within the neighborhood. Buses will leave the Glenview neighborhood at approximately 7:30 each morning. Buses will return immediately after dismissal (at 2:45 pm, except on early dismissal days when school ends at 1:15 pm). There will be no additional buses after this time, so students who attend after care or enrichment classes at Santa Fe will need to have other transportation home. The Interim Housing Committee will be collaborating with school and district staff to make the busing experience a positive one for families.

Will there be help for families who want to organize carpools?

Yes. The Interim Housing Committee is working to identify apps or other tools that can help families coordinate carpools. There will also be meetings and additional surveys in the Spring to help connect families for carpools.


After School Programs

What after school program options will there be at Santa Fe?

Both of Glenview’s onsite after care programs – Learning Spot and Adventure Time – will be offered at Santa Fe. There are also several off-site programs that will continue to offer transportation from school. The two on-site options for after care are:

  • The Learning Spot operates 5 days a week, from the time school is out until 6pm (no morning care). Learning Spot is partially funded by Proposition 49 Afterschool Education and Safety Grant, which allows the program to provide care for children regardless of economic need.
  • Adventure Time offers both before- and after-school day care and provides activities for children in the areas of arts, crafts, sports, games, music, and help with homework.

The After School Enrichment Program will also continue to offer one-hour classes covering various interests such as Lego, yoga, drawing, and origami. These fee-based classes vary by trimester.

Off-site programs that offer pick-up at Santa Fe are:

  • Studio One
  • Lakeshore Children’s Center
  • Jewish Community Center
  • East Bay Dance Center

The Dimond Recreation Center will meet students returning from Santa Fe at one of the school bus stops and escort them to Dimond. See the last page of the pdf for contact information for each after school program.


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