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Increment 3 Contract Approved


The agreement for the final phase of the project has been approved! as part of the general consent agenda for this week’s School Board meeting. The agreement includes a detailed anticipated timeline for completing the project so that students and staff can return immediately following winter break of 2019.

There is a great deal of start up work that is under way now that the agreement is approved. Currently the JV team (lead contractors) are working on:

  • Finalizing subcontractor list and contracts
  • Issuing insurance and bonds
  • Setting up document control software
  • Enrolling subcontractors in the CCIP (contractor controlled insurance program)
  • Reviewing and approving submittals for concrete, rebar, work plans, etc.
  • Sending out letters of intent and subcontracts

Let’s take a moment to celebrate this milestone. Thank you to everyone who has advocated on behalf of Glenview’s students.

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