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About the Project


On August 13, 2014 the Oakland Board of Education voted to move forward with a proposed approach for Glenview Elementary’s reconstruction, which features:

  • Retention of iconic art deco facade and cascading stairs at the corner of Hampel and La Cresta
  • Newly constructed 21st Century learning facilities and cafeteria
  • ADA compliance to allow equal access to the resources at Glenview Elementary for all members of the community
  • Seismically-sound buildings to ensure the safety of children and staff
  • Modern and efficient plumbing, electric HVAC, and WiFi systems

As a school district, OUSD has many obligations to its different constituencies. First among them, however, is the creation of safe, nurturing, and stimulating schools that provide opportunities for academic development and social growth for all students. The Glenview Plan promises a first-class educational facility that retains aesthetic features valued by members of the community.

Renderings of the building as well as final plans can be found in the presentation to the community from November of 2015, which can be downloaded here.